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As the world rapidly seeks to reduce dependence on climate-damaging fossil fuels, Solar PV provides a vital part of the clean, renewable energy transformation. In recent years innovations within this fast-evolving industry have drastically reduced the costs, making Solar PV not only affordable but also often the cheapest form of generating electricity Solar PV installations can be configured to provide electricity on a commercial scale, or in smaller set-ups for domestic use. These systems can be further supported by integrating energy storage solutions allowing consumers to store the electricity generated for later consumption or to sell back to the grid.

We can assess the viability of our roof or ground space for Solar PV installation, providing an estimate of how many panels will fit within the space, and giving an indication of the amount of electricity that could typically be produced. Our Solar PV team has extensive design and installation experience within a diverse range of settings including farm buildings, factory units/warehouses, golf clubs, swimming pools, schools and manufacturing plants.

We can create off-grid solutions, which are generally used in rural areas for those consumers who wish to be independent from the grid, providing them with increased energy resilience and stability.

Commercial Solar PV

10 – 150 kW Solar PV Systems

Full design and energy production modelling

Install and commissioning service

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DNO Applications

Domestic Solar PV

Full design and install service

On roof and In roof mounting systems

1 – 5 kW solar PV systems

Full MCS certification

Hybrid PV/Battery System installation

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Recent Solar PV Case Studies

Zurich - Solar Install

Case Study – Zurich, Isle of Man

| Case Study, Solar PV | No Comments
SRS supplied 570  385w panels giving a total of 220kw of solar on the roof.  2 x 40kw, 3 x 30kw, 1 x 25kw inverters installed giving a total of…
SRS Works Case Study Highwood School

Case Study – Highwood School, Wokingham

| Case Study, Solar PV | No Comments
SRS was commissioned to design and install a solar array on the roof of Highwood School, adding to the existing Solar PV capabilities. SRS designed a system consisting of 85…
Hemley Solar PV Case study

Case Study – Helmy Limited, Southall

| Case Study, Solar PV | No Comments
SRS works were instructed to install 300m2 of solar panels to the roof of a fresh fruit and vegetable provider. The system has a peak power output of 61.6 kW, and is managed…

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