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The incentives for installing Solar PV have changed 10 fold over the last 10 years, but the basic principle and real purpose to installing Solar PV has not really changed that much.

Having Solar PV either on your house or on your business premises makes you far more independent of the Grid, you control your electricity bills far more, it enables some businesses to grow because without Solar PV they were restricted on how much power the grid would supply them!!

This situation is worsening all the time as new factories and houses get built.

As well as the rationale for installation, the cost of installing has also fallen, so it’s never been a better time to consider having your own generating plant.

EPC’s are very important these days when renting properties and again Solar PV can improve your EPC as well as save money on electricity.

We can very often you an idea of the suitability of your roof or ground space and how much Solar PV you might be able to fit on should you wish to maximise your roof space or ground.

We have recently completed an URBAN solar farm in Nottingham – the first of its kind in a city – this system will become hugely popular with local councils once they are targeted to install lots more EV Charging points.

We have also fitted Solar PV to farm buildings, factory units, golf clubs, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and swimming pools.

Payback/ ROI/IRR are still very favourable and it’s well worth looking into.

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