LED Replacement for Business

Corporate Building

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Benefits of Replacement LED Lighting:

Reduced power consumption: Save up to 80% in running costs, compared to traditional lighting

Increased life and decreased maintenance: With life in excess of 50,000 hours, as against maybe 1,000 hours from a traditional lamp, replacement and maintenance costs are virtually removed.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): LEDs offer greatly reduced long term outright cost of ownership with minimal initial system outlay.

Lower Heat Output: Maximum LED operating temperatures are typically around 25°C rather than the 150° - 200°C of conventional lighting. Heat pollution is therefore reduced, offering savings in the operation of systems such as air conditioning.

Reduced Carbon Emissions: In addition to the obvious reductions in energy consumption, there are no poisonous elements used in component manufacture (such as Mercury and other noxious and polluting gases).

Light Quality: The quality of the LED ‘white’ light can be tailored to suit the human eye, eliminating the eye strain that can have adverse and costly implications in certain working and living environments together with Health and Safety issues.

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