Personal Powerstation


The Worlds most efficient small scale power station
Powercore White

Product Overview.

Powercore Gen is the worlds most efficient small scale power station, it can be used either domestically or commercially. The unit uses mains gas to produce electricity and heat 24 hours a day. The unit is small, compact, no bigger than a standard household appliance. The unit is virtually silent compared to a standard condensing boiler. Powercore Gen has the highest electrical efficiency of any current Micro CHP unit which means it produces more energy from less fuel. The powercore gen is designed to primarily produce electricity, however as the name suggests it also recovers waste heat and recycles that heat to produce hot water. When the thermal energy from Powercore Gen is recovered, the total efficiency increases a further 25% to around 85%.

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Who can benefit?

Do you have the following?

If you tick all these you could qualify a government backed, free of charge Micro CHP installation

Mains Gas

Mains Electricity

Mains Water

Space for a unit the size of a fridge

An outside wall for a standard flue(or space outside for a unit to be installed in a housing)

Do you use more than 10,000 kWh per year of electricity on its own(approx. £133.00 per month)

You Qualify For

You could qualify a government backed, free of charge Micro CHP installation which could give you a s much as £ 40000

Govt. backed fit income


Reduced rate electricity


Deemed export income

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