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Thornhill Primary

A Solar Ready DC Micro-grid and i-desk™ furniture, combined with four Solar Ready DC servers with the Multipoint Server 2012 operating system were connected to 57 thin clients across the IT suite and 9 classrooms. The server, network switches, monitors and thin clients in the IT suite were all powered from energy stored in the Solar Ready Power Bank. Energy from Solar Cells and Economy Seven electricity was harvested by the Solar Ready Power Storage Router (PSR) to charge the Power Bank. The PSR also distributed power to the Solar Ready network switches, monitors and thin client stations. This unique solution is incredibly energy efficient and has the added benefit of providing a UPS for the IT suite.

The Challenge: In 2011 Paul Tucker became Headmaster of Thornhill Primary School in Cardiff, he inherited an IT Suite that was noisy, hot and cramped. He wanted to bring his school up to date and maintain his low carbon footprint. He also wanted to introduce computing facilities in all the other classrooms.

The Solution: The Solar Ready solution significantly improved IT teaching at the school. Thornhill were able to reduce their energy consumption, whilst increasing number of seats in the IT suite from 18 to 21 and introduce 36 IT seats into non -IT classrooms. Using traditional desktop computers energy bills would have increased significanty and would have been noisy and stuffy with the extra heat.

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