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Powercore launches across the UK


Powercore is a smart storage system and is designed to maximise self-consumption, enabling greater independence from energy companies and control of rising energy bills. Powercore is available in different capacities and is flexible to suit your energy needs. The Powercore uses best in class Lithium Ion Batteries which have been tested extensively over many years. Powercore is specifically designed to be flexible & can be easily upgraded if your power consumption needs change.

Designed by an award-winning UK designer, the “Powercore” brings an elegance to the household which is superior to other domestic energy storage systems. Internally, our engineers have worked hard to produce a system that is at the forefront of battery technology.

Powercore provides UPS (un-interruptable power supply) capability. This means during a power cut, the Powercore will automatically continue to maintain selected critical circuits. This will generally include lighting, fridge/freezer, Internet & phones, but can be configured to your specific needs

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