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Offgrid Solutions by SRS Works

Case Study

Providing traditional mains power to certain locations is often costly due to their remote location or a number of site specifics. Internet and other forms of connectivity can also be an issue.

At SRSWorks we specialise in cost effective “Off grid Solutions” powered by Renewable energy. By combing PV, Wind, and Battery technology we are able to provide power to almost any location so that businesses can operate with little or no compromise:

• CCTV e.g. Sainsburys car park solution to allow recycling bins to be monitored 24 x 7 via wifi connected IP cameras by the security office in the remote office.
• Off grid Lamp posts with remote performance monitoring and control e.g. Heathrow Compass Centre
• Bus shelters, Bike Sheds, & Car park Barriers e.g. Heathrow Compass Centre
• Smoking Shelters with LED lighting controlled by proximity sensors and also wifi connectivity – e.g. Data Direct Head office
• Signage – Low power LED screens with 4G connectivity and proximity sensors to deliver adverts only when there is someone to see.
• Off grid single phase and 3 phase supplies for Small offices and Remote buildings – African Class room.
• Providing UPS solutions for building by integrating existing Grid Tied systems with off grid Solar PV and battery storage.
• DC solutions for off grid applications – Direct Current Air Conditioning systems and LED lights. USB chargers for phones and PCs

With our modular technology we are able to scale solutions for almost any application, size, and location as well as providing 4G secure communications for business applications and remote monitoring.

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