Eversley Sports Association

Eversley Sports Association

SRSworks are experts at dealing with underperforming or stranded commercial PV systems. Our team of PV experts are able to undertake detailed product and system performance tests to quickly identify any problems producing a detailed report with recommendations on how best to get your PV system back to peak performance.

If your system is under performing you could be losing £1,000’s per year in both Electricity costs and FIT tariff payments. In our experience the problem normally comes from the original install company no longer being in business and as a result no O&M is now being undertaken. At SRS we are able to offer both system re lifeing and ongoing O&M.

Attached is a recent case study of a system which was suffering panel degradation which in turn was reducing system performance year on year resulting in the FIT tariff dropping and more electricity being needed to be bought each year. Our team were quickly able to identify this and recommend that the panels and invertors be changed to Tier 1 products that were warrantied against this type of degredation. In summary by undertaking these works the customer was able to re life his system for the remaining 20 years of the FIT scheme and return their system to peak performance with a full O&M package being provided by SRS. Most importantly both the initial investigations and works paid back within the remaining life of the system.

Do you have a Commercial PV system experiencing similar issues? Our team at SRS would be pleased to help…

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