Guest Lecture at Cardiff University - Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Guest Lecture at Cardiff University - Power Electronics Department

Mark Jackson (head of Product Development at SRS) recently visited Cardiff University’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to deliver a guest lecture to 3rd Year students. The focus of the lecture was the application of Power Electronics in the Domestic Renewable Energy market. The lecture complemented the Power Electronics course presented by Dr. Wenlong Ming. This course covered all manner of AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC conversion. The 2hour lecture consolidated the theory with a practical overview of how these energy conversion systems were applied in the Solar PV, Inverter and battery storage markets.

The industrial perspective covered the integration aspects of Solar PV systems. How to match certain Solar Modules to Solar Chargers, Inverters and batteries to maximise performance and ensure a long life. Mark built working scale models of some of the SRS products and installed energy meters and data acquisition equipment to the systems so that the students could see the typical energy flows through a domestic system during a 24 hour period and how the system responded. The demonstration showed the concepts of the SRS PowerCore which provides a UPS function and self consumption maximisation.

A solar PV system will export surplus energy back to the grid. This is energy that the house holder cannot use at that point in time because they are either away from the home or just don’t have many appliances on at that time. The PowerCore stores this energy in the battery. When the home power demand increases, the PowerCore releases energy from the battery and attempts to meet the demand of the home from the free energy captured earlier.

Mark also presented other projects undertaken at Heathrow airport such as off grid security barriers and street lights which would have caused significant disruption if the roads had to be excavated to run power cables. SRS were able to install Solar Panels on bike shed roofs or street lights and use battery storage to power a variety of devices.

SRS have developed a close working relationship over the last 2 years, working together on Innovate UK bids, funding a Phd at Cardiff and more recently a Knowledge Transfer Project based in the Finchampstead office.

The lecture was a great success and will become a regular fixture.

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