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Product Overview.

The Powercore storage and energy management unit is designed to retrofit into your existing PV solar system and increase selfconsumption. On average owners of PV panels will only consume 30% of PV solar generated energy, the rest being exported back to the grid. Solar Ready’s smart storage system is designed to maximise self-consumption, enabling greater independence from energy companies and rising energy bills. Powercore provides 6000 cycles, equivalent to almost 20 years lifetime. It is an industrial leader for battery lifetime and self-consumption.

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Features Overview

Key Features of Powercore

Prebuilt and Set-up

The Powercore is prebuilt and set up, simply locate and add the storage batteries. Installation will be approximately 2 hours, including testing.

Easy To Connect

The Bidirectional AC cable is connected from the Powercore unit to your main distribution board.

Intelligent Monitoring

The system constantly monitors the Solar yield and the demand of the house with sensors that can be easily installed with minimal disruption.

Prioritised Circuits

Your preselected prioritised circuits are connected to the PowerCore’s UPS system.

User Friendly Interface

Trained installers will take you through the user friendly interface unit and help you set up your hand held devices for remote monitoring.

No Compromise of choice

Our system compliments the world’s leading brands.

Solar & Battery Powered Lamp Posts / CCTV

Providing essential services in remote locations
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Product Overview.

The Solar & Battery powered Lamp posts are practical cost effective solutions where mains power cannot be provided, or the power is intermittent but lighting is critical for safety and security. The Solar & Batteries can also be used to power additional pole mounted devices such as CCTV cameras and wireless communications, air quality sensors and digital signage. Our special projects team can design bespoke solutions to suit specific requirements and constraints. We can tailor-make systems to suit specific poles and environments. We can deliver a range of panels and batteries to suit the environment and loads. Remote telemetry solutions can also be provided to monitor the state of the lighting system and any co-located equipment.

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Features Overview

Key Features of Powercore

Charged by Solar, mains or wind

A variety of energy sources can be used to charge the batteries and provide power. Some solutions have been mains & battery only where Solar PV is not possible but there is a reliable mains power source for several hours per day to charger the battery.

Rapid deployment or retrofit

Many customers deploy our solutions to avoid the disruption and downtime required to install under ground power cables and where overhead cabling is not practical. Hundreds of meters of trenches can cause significant ground works and disruption to operations. Simply attach a cabinet to the base of a lamp post and avoid car park closures.

Battery backup and Zero Carbon footprint

Lights continue to run even in a power cut. Because the lights and systems are running from a battery, there is no downtime of the lighting systems and they can double as a standby lighting system which reduces system complexity, maintenance and running costs.

Renewable powered resilient IT Solutions

Providing essential services in remote locations
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Product Overview.

Solar Ready produce DC low energy consumption IT solutions. These systems run directly from batteries or mains powered laptop style power supplies. With Patented Energy Conversion technologies and by removing the AC to DC conversion associated with conventional computers, Solar ready can provide a range of computers that are quieter, more efficient, more reliable and generate less heat than conventional IT systems.

We have a range of servers, desktops, thin clients and switches so we can cover every aspect of IT infrastructure.

Because they can run from DC energy and batteries they are suitable for portable applications and systems that have to be installed in off grid environments or where mains power is intermittent. Applications include office in a box or server in a rucksack type applications which are critical in disaster relief applications where communications have to be setup quickly and power is unavailable or intermittent.

Battery powered means integrated UPS and power backup for not just your Servers but desktops, monitors, network switches and thin clients.

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Features Overview

Key Features

Lower energy bills and less cooling required

Patented Energy Conversion technologies and no AC to DC conversion lowers your energy bills. Less heat means passive cooling, lower Air coditioning costs and less noise.

Integrated UPS

No more abrupt power failures which cause hardware failure and data corruption. No requirement for a separate USP. Run directly from batteries for hours not minutes.

All the power none of the waste

Range of industry standard iCore and Xeon desktops and servers, switches and monitors. Compatible with all Operating Systems and applications. No specialist skill required to configure. Minimal training required to configure power management systems. High performance with non of the wasted energy

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